Hey there earthling, my name is Dev and welcome to my multi-dimensional virtual/IRL playground in flux, or what I've been temporarily calling ‘untitled homepage-land experiment v1'. 🌱 💻 👾

Been thinking a whole lot of *big thoughts* after spending most of this past year making new installations with harvested earth, plants, and rocks for all my various projects + experimentations. While some(?) might consider this practice a deeply solitary one— driving and hiking out to specific and consistent sites time after time for observation and what "we" call "material acquisition"— between the erosion-tumbled stones and red-throated anoles, I've found just as much (and at many times better) company and [non-human] collaborators than I initially ever imagined before! 🦎 🏜 🌵 🌺 🌿 🌞

Interspecial_Aesthetic_Points_of_Relation, 2021. Super 8.

Equipped with this expanded and abundant 👁 vision 👁 I'm going to share these fresh perspectives by transforming and hybridizing physical and virtual spaces/sites with moving-image media and text to help us collectively explore, confront, and untangle these developing ideas about interspecial/interspatial relationships. 🌿 🐱 🐭 🌱

Connecting two locations, one being this website and the other which exists physically in East Austin and which is known colloquially as Red Bluff/La Loma, through a variety of media interventions such as interactive qr codes, field recordings, and site-specific video performance, this anti-anthropocene work-in-progress calls us to decenter our human experiences by both recognizing and questioning our ongoing, daily, and often extraordinary non-human collaborations (ie. land-human, plant-human, internet-human) as well as the visible and non-visible ecosystems we inevitably leave our traces upon. ✨

TY for reading, more coming soon! 🌹