How to find Earth Portal:


Start at 5812 Harold Ct, Austin TX 78721, a vehicle accessible street entrance to Red Bluff Park and no more than a few hundred feet away from Earth Portal’s location.    


Drive and park at the end of the road (Harold Ct) until you see the red striped guardrail barrier as shown in the first picture on the map. 


To the left of the street, if you are facing the end of the road, is a path that takes you from the edge of the street and into the park. 


Walk straight down the main path you walked in on, passing the path surrounded by cacti clusters that forks off to your right.


Continue to walk straight down this main path past the tangled trees and through the slight rocky dip in the path until you reach the main field with the second big fork in the path.


Take the right at the main field fork in the path taking you around the big tree as seen in the second picture on the map.


When you take the turn, the path will open up into another field on your right as you walk past the tree and before it dips down into the woods and towards another curved declining path. 


Look to your right for the stick lined path that breaks away from the main dirt and gravel path. 


Take a few steps to walk down it into the field and towards the raised circle of cacti with an opening on the side where it meets the path. 


You made it!  


Explore and Enjoy 🌵


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