Devin Alejandro-Wilder (they/them) is a latinx visual artist who moves across new media, performance, and lens-based practices to haunt, inquire, investigate, and confront the beliefs and systems we exist entangled within.


Deaf, queer, and non-binary their work explores themes orbiting around in/visbility, “performance”, collaboration, and the false binary between care/harm. As a studio member at the Museum of Human Achievement, they are also a participant in The Revolution School: Operation Scrooge and League of Superheroes (Los Angeles), the founder of the virtual/IRL free skool initiative Free Skool Now, and most recently accepted a Creative Capital award in collaboration with The Revolution School in support of our ongoing trauma-proccessing AI companion project My Little BEI 🤖🐱.




The Revolution School 🌈

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Devin Alejandro-Wilder (arm on tree), made in collaboration with Begin Collective, riel and Bianca Sturchio.

Devin stands outside in speckled sunlight in front of a tree with their right arm and hand loosely resting on a tree branch behind them. They are wearing a white tank top and jeans.