Earth Portal, Dec 2021 - ongoing 

Museum of Human Achievement + Red Bluff Park / La loma 

Earth Portal is an ongoing multi-site experiment which explores land intervention and collaboration through cross-dimensional performance. Born during my time as a Welcome To My Homepage resident at The Museum of Human Achievement, this durational video-performance is the product of the collective research that continues to define the contested land of Red Bluff Park or La Loma (Hungry Hill) as it has historical and colloquially been referred to by longtime East Austin residents.


Located just under 2 miles from MoHA in the rapidly gentrifying Ledesma neighborhood, this elevated patch of land is home to native old growth cacti as well as diverse local flora and wildlife due to the watersheds that run through the expansive 56.9 acres that have been declared by the City of Austin as parkland since October 2018. Confronting entangled themes such as material agency, latinx diasporic experience, “hyper-labor”, anti-anthropocene frameworks, and non-human collaboration, this large-scale and living Earthwork in progress will exist both at its physical location in addition to being hosted online via a QR code everyday park-goers can find at the center of the portal.