Where is Everyone? 2020

Today I am appropriating Edward Hopper's Nighthawks from The Art Institute of Chicago

The painting has come to be a symbol of the Coronavirus pandemic experience.  In a recent article in The Washington Post Magazine, Sarah Kelly Oehler (chair and curator of American art at The Institute) says, “The great story that he would tell was that this was about imagining what it would be like in a blacked-out city to come across this brightly lit diner with people in it”.  This is my interpretation of what it is like, in the Coronovirus Pandemic, to come across this diner.

Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks 1942. The Art Institute of Chicago, Friends of American Art Collection)

Abandoned Plans

Today I am appropriating Laurens Craen Still Life with Imaginary View

from Art Gallery New South Wales

Abandoned plans, dinners rotting, food decaying and drying out

but the sun still rises

Still Life with Imaginary View Laurens Craen c. 1645-50

Welcome to The Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum, a museum in Giza, Egypt.  Among other works, the museum houses a collection of Impressionist paintings, and included Poppy Flowers (1887) by Van Gogh (the most famous).  In 1978, the painting (also known as Vase and Flowers and Vase with Viscaria) was stolen from the museum's temporary location.  It was recovered two years later in Kuwait.  Once again, in 2010, the painting was cut out of its frame and stolen. 


Unfortunately, the painting has never been recovered.  What the thief didn't know was that he left a trail of flowers behind him as he tore through the front entryway.  These flowers died off in the side beds and in the ensuing years there grew a lush and vibrant garden.  I spoke with the head gardener at the museum, and he noted that the title, Vase with Viscaria, must have been misattributed.  Viscaria (also known as Catchfly or Rose of Heaven) are not yellow, he said.  They are blue, rosy pink or purple.  Hmmm!  Another mystery!


One thing is clear, the thief may have the painting, but all that remains of the original is the empty vase


Original photograph of the entrance to the museum was taken by Willyman

Restez chez moi

"Le Masque Picasso" de Protection Contre le Coronavirus (Covid-19 2020) No. 1 of 5 

Today, instead of a museum, I invite you to Sotheby's to view their art auctions. Picasso ceramic via sothebys.com

Shoot location @oliveoakswestcounty Sebastopol

Jacob Lawrence, The Card Game (1953)

Jacob Lawrence, The Card Game (1953)

In honor of Mother's Day for Welcome to My Homepage Residency, 

I want to invite you to visit the museum at my alma mater 

Savannah College of Art and Design

 (alma mater is generally used as a positive term, implying reverence and loyalty for the nurturing qualities of the institution,

and in this case, 

of our President and Founder Paula S. Wallace


I would like to present two works of art from The Walter O. Evans Collection 

of African American at Scad Museum of Art

The collection consists of more than 60 works donated by Dr. Walter O. and Linda J. Evans that span more than 150 years,

bringing to greater light the remarkable contributions of African American artists throughout the modern era.  

It is one of the most important collections of African American visual art dating from the 18th century to the present

and includes works from Edward Bannister, Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett,

Robert S. Duncanson, Richard Hunt, Jacob Lawrence and others. 

This collection forms the foundation of a multidisciplinary center for the study,

understanding and appreciation of African American art and culture. 


Jacob Lawrence's "The Card Game" (1953) depicts a group of card players

similar to scenes from artists like Caravaggio. The painting falls within Lawrence's greater body of work,

which highlights scenes in and around his Harlem neighborhood in the 1950s,

giving vibrant glimpses into social gatherings. "Figure Sitting" (1939)

is an early work by Marion Perkins who was one of

Chicago's foremost Renaissance sculptors and was known for his compact and expressive

carved stone heads and figures, using stone from derelict city buildings.


My son and I were lucky to meet Dr. Evans at the point 

when he and his wife were making their decision to make this donation.  

I couldn't find a Creative Commons license for either of these two works, 

so I was hesitant to alter or appropriate them 

out of respect for Dr. Evans.  

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


https://www.scadmoa.org/taxonomy/term/86 for the collection


Photos and text via scad.edu and @googleartsculture 

Restez chez moi

"Le Masque Picasso" de Protection Contre le Coronavirus (Covid-19 2020) No. 2 of 5 

Today, instead of a museum, I invite you to Sotheby's to view their art auctions. Picasso ceramic via sothebys.com

Shoot location @oliveoakswestcounty Sebastopol

Ceci n'est pas la pipe de  Stephy Langui (Covid-19 2020)


This work is an appropriation of several René Magritte paintings. The base painting is “Portrait of Stephy Langui" 1961 (private collection)


Here is a fun activity for today!

an AI generated dictionary of words that don't exist

(fake news!)

The site is called

This Word Does Not Exist


to see more words, just refresh the page

you can also write your own word

you can see the link above

it doesn't show up on every page, so just refresh until you see it


here is my word:  self-voyeur

I made up the word for one of my installations

note that this definition states:

2. a word that probably exists (as I said, it doesn't)

whereas in the other definitions,

it states:

2.  a word that does not exist


How to Tell Us Apart (Covid-19 2020)

for Welcome to My Homepage Residency

Have been seeing photos of mask wearers from 1918, and found out that the Spanish Flu came back with a vengeance the 2nd time around.  So I'm really obsessed with masks right now. These are Sinhalese masks from the Museum of Anthropology in Canada. http://collection-online.moa.ubc.ca/home  I saw the mask on Anna Perach's Instagram


More AI fun today from Imgflip

This Meme Does Not Exist

an uncensored meme generator


The Butterfly Effect

if the flap of butterfy wings can cause hurricanes,

imagine what hands can do


The Galactic Heart

Welcome to a new age

Social Distancing

Inhaling Stars

maybe we can meet in the universe

where coronavirus

doesn't thrive

where we don't have to wear masks

 we can kiss and

I can inhale stars


poem above as a hexagram

iChing - Hexagram 52

Goddesses of the Galaxy


Bob and Doug's Excellent Adventure

visitng the Galactic Goddesses


See you again soon

thank you for visiting!

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