Welcome to My Homepage Digital Artist Residency for May 2020

My name is Monica Seggos 

I am a Transdisciplinary Artist visiting from Los Angeles 

My work focuses on Installation, Sculpture, Post-Internet and Performance

In my Post-Internet practice, I sculpt image, text and concept in the ether to create 2D and video works of art

These works are based on my experiences and observations of navigating life in a Post-Internet world,

from a perspective of someone who grew up at a time where the Internet did not exist  

This month, I will be appropriating images from various museums across the globe

and creating digital works of art

I like within the cultural, physical, spiritual and emotional context in which I exist,

so I will be expressing my perspective on being a practicing artist during the Coronavirus pandemic

All digital works are created solely on an iPhone using various iPhone compatible apps

Thank you for having me and thank you being here

Stay safe and be well!



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