Artist Statement


I am not a prisoner of history… 

in the world I am heading for, 

I am endlessly creating myself.

-Frantz Fanon

    Black Skin, White Masks

     I used to go for runs in the afternoon just to watch the sunset. I’d throw on a t-shirt, some shorts and just run. It’s like I was chasing the sun. I could just never catch it. When quarantine started in March, I went to the rooftop everyday just to find warmth in the pinks and purples of the sky. Warmth is a project built on laughter, comfort, and happiness; a place that I found myself retreating to for connections and moments in the spiral that is now. 

The three part photo series: “elements”, is broken up into all of the elements that make up a campfire [earth, air, fire]. “Waves” are the sound waves of the project-- made up of interviews and conversations. The visualizer is the rabbithole into the world of warmth.

Artist Bio

Hypatia Sorunke (she/her) is a multimedia artist based in Austin, Texas. Originally a movement artist and fiction writer, she has been able to combine her passions of storytelling and visual art through her photography, cinematography, and writing. As a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a Plan II Honors and African and African Diaspora Studies dual degree with a minor in Government, she is interested in understanding the ways that identity, culture and queerness intersect. By centering blackness and queerness, she works to create a visual world we can all live in.


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