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hi there!

vidya giri is currently working on a project for the welcome to my homepage artist residency

update feb 20th:

the site is live! check it out!

update feb 19th: 

this project admittedly has been progressing slower than expected but i am going to be ready to distribute the website at soon (hopefully tomorrow) <3


the idea is that people can sign up to receive (via mail and/or email) an href postcard from me and these will also be displayed on the site! the postcards will contain illustrations of the website that i am recommending the to person. additionally people can submit links they like to me and i will also illustrate them.


as someone who is fond of making illustrations of natural landscapes, i thought it would be interesting to illustrate digital landscapes (aka websites) and send them on to others as a way of sharing/showcasing various parts and lands of the internet.


the idea is to showcase and provide appreciation to unique internet landscapes outside of the streamlined approach of social media platforms that are known to monopolize our attention and recommend things based on collected data. :)


to contrast that approach, i wanted to attempt a slightly more arduous/thoughtful/human/imperfect approach to sharing links with others. (it's also just fun to share links!)

some of my notes for the project and some cool links are distributed across the stickies below:

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