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Bio: rino kodama


rino kodama is an interdisciplinary artist--they draw with clay to reconnect to the earth and their hands, they dance to return to their body, they write to listen to their inner child and ancestors’ past. They write to give grief a chance to unfold, to treasure joy like the light it is. Their visual world is where nine legged stars meets ceramic cocoon vessels, a landscape of love, genderless beings reaching through space tracing objects of protection and transformation. They imagine an alternative present and futures, free of binary constrictions, and they hope to experience it with you.


I am treating this residency as a development of my Works In Progress (rewriting my artist statement, sharing ceramic pieces with accompanied writings, and art that I haven't shared on the internet yet  aka work that needs more space & time than Instagram.  )

View my past work here:

IG: @bread.kiln


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