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Monday, 1st of January, 2018

Welcome to 2018 & Welcome to my Studio.  My name is Jeffrey Charles Stanley | JCS  (excuse the slight pretentiousness of name, you should read "Jeffrey Charles Stanley | JCS" as "Jeffrey Charles Stanley or JCS".  Call me either, or...

I am the current resident of the Welcome to My Homepage Digital Artist Residency.  I am a maker, educator, writer, designer.  I will be tearing down walls, constructing portals, and producing general aesthetics in this domain for most of the month.  You will get a glimpse at my work process and, of course, my finished product.  I am excited to be here and ready to share.

First, I cannot let the beginning of the new year, that significance pass us by.  With the New Year, 2018, we have new potential, new opportunities, a new chance to change and improve our lives and our outlook.  Especially after a messy 2017, we need as much hope as we can get.  The interesting thing about hope:  One does not have hope the same way one would have optimism - blinding believing everything will be ok, aka wishful thinking - instead hope allows one to look at the conditions of the world (with the lens of a realist), see how bad the odds are, yet look beyond those overwhelmingly bad conditions to create new possibilities - possibilities that will motivate people to act - without even a guarantee of success.

To give yourself a fresh start, Go through a cleansing process with me:

Step 1:  Take an organic writing surface (cotton paper, hemp, linen, etc).  Fold the paper/surface in half, then tear or cut in half.

Step 2:  On one half of the paper, write a list of all your intentions for the year (e.g. new years resolutions, steps to improve a skill or change an aspect of your life, etc).  Choose something you know you can focus on right away.  Do not make this needlessly complicated, or overwhelming.

Step 3:  On the other half of the paper, write a list of all the negative behaviors you wish to stop, or put an end to before life passes you by.  No matter how big or small, write down what you want to put an end to, in a realistic sense.  This is only something you can change for yourself.

Step 4:  Burn both lists.  The ashes must be retained for both sets.  Take the ashes from the list of intentions and scatter the ashes with the help of the wind, or a creek (off an elevated plane, or in bodies of water - just be mindful of your surroundings, other people, and the environment).  Bury the list of negative behaviors close by, in your back yard or in a significant place. 

Step 5:  As a realist, know that you are personally responsible to carry out the actions in the list of intentions, and that you are responsible to end the behaviors you listed that are negative. 

Step 6:  Do not make the mistake of thinking that somehow the Universe will hear you and magically change your life in a snap.  You have to do all the hard work.  So get to it.

That concludes the personal cleansing, now back to my self induction into this blog/residency.

I will be changing and updating the page as time passes.  Check back on the main page to see what evolves.  Just to preview some of the ideas and processes I plan to undertake, I will be exploring photogrammetry, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and other technological tools to create virtual and real spaces.  I have undergone a personal shift in art making over the last few months, but more significantly, I am changing aspects conceptually that I believe will be of great benefit.  So, 2018, this new year, is a new horizon for me, as it should be for you.   These changes come in response to everything I've tackled to date, including answers to the questions, "Are you trying to start a church?" or "Are you trying to start a sect?"  By the way, the answers are, no, and no.

Thanks for coming by and remember to check in again (soon, or later, but please come again).


Wednesday, 3rd of January, 2018

Welcome to my Studio & Welcome to my Promo. 



A note about heirloom, rosesdead, motionstillliving (digital image, 2017).  This image developed out of the idea for a promo-image for this residency.  I started capturing video of objects rotating on an electric lazy susan about two years ago.  Over time, I've been photographing flowers - mostly wild roses (well, technically, I think they grow from an Heirloom rose shrub, or a Ruby Princess shrub) in my grandmother's wave vase.  Naturally I placed the wave vase on the electric lazy susan, and I have acquired various roses in the wave vase spinning around and around for hours and hours. 

My next step (I have only just begun) is to use various methods of photogrammetry and 3D scanning to build a library of crystals, stones, geometric forms, and nameless other objects to build a virtual world.  In November, I started to buy pieces of a 3D scanner to build from scratch (wish me luck), and well, with photogrammetry, I can use any camera (the higher the megapixel count, the more resolution the object will have).  Stay tuned to observe my progress (and more details to come).


Sunday, 7th of January, 2018

Let me start to piece together some things. I am a bit behind for various reasons, but let this be a sort of manifesto for 2018 (manifestos should be ever changing and evolving, right?). I want to go back to 2017 for a moment. 2017 was the first time I used reddit beyond a surperficial understanding of what it was, but I quickly realized why it is referred as the front page of the internet. I traveled abroad to Paris, France, and visited one of my longtime friends (a post about this updated soon as well) mid 2017. I returned to meditation in 2017, and started a daily practice around August, that has been challenging and transformative. In 2017, I began to listen more in depth to Sam Harris' podcasts (the podcasts directly as opposed to soundbites, edits elsewhere).


This is really what I'm going to focus on at the moment. Sam Harris (not really good at speaking on aesthetics at all, definitely no expert on the topic, but able to speak on many of my interests – robotics, AI, neuroscience, philosophy, and much more). I am much more liberal, politically than Sam Harris, but I do have many centerist views (a healthy skepticism fits somewhere in the center – I am a skeptic – hopefully healthily). (In a way, this is all about an inadequacy with words and in speaking – in front of a crowd – you know things I need to work on... speaking of, I may need to edit this down before it's done, but bear with me.)


Sam Harris brought up something that very much resonated with me. He mentioned building a culture (art included) based on the combination of the best ideas. More specifically, culture that is developed from a combination of intuition and the spirituality developing from the evolution of humanism (beyond secular humanism, not atheism – but something merging the best of Western and Eastern thought, and all in between). This is no new idea in the history of art and aesthetics, but it was how the information was presented by Sam Harris – a great orator/podcaster/contemporary mind. I am not looking directing to the source of this podcast to refresh my memory, and it may take me a bit longer to explain what/how/why this information made something click in me.


* I would suggest reading Real Spaces: World Art History and the Rise of Western Modernism (by David Summers – a history exploring attributes to art/architecture – and ultimately an attempt to understand the dominance of Western Modernism against other cultures), Altermodern (by Nicolas Bourriaud – an attempt to create a global context of art against the western narrative), and Conversations Before the End of Time (by Suzi Gablik – the best of these recommendations with a deeper reach and scope – and the most honest, imho) if you are interested in more on this from an art historical (maybe even anti-art historical) background. 

** I would add that I am not able to speak for every book published to date, and there are perhaps several other starting points, these are simply my personal references.


I've been very silent in 2017, reseting, observing, and absorbing (but yes, making and acting, but offline – offline is such a great place). In 2017, I changed my opinion on Nietszche. He may have said a few insightful things (ownership of potential, eternal return, breaking cycles, etc), but many others have come to those good conclusions. Aside from a few interesting ramblings, Nietszche was a racist writer (I would argue that American libertarianism is derivative of this – maybe I'll expand on this in the future, maybe not). Just as you cannot erase the past and all pain or suffering, we need to take the lessons of the past and construct a more inclusive and honest narrative for our future generations.


Taking the best of knowledge maybe sounds subjective, but I believe there is something objective (if we use science, intuition, and other means to discern differences) in making a path for the future. Let us face the challenging and complex present with this intent. Maybe I will not succeed in creating a path even for myself to move forward, but at least I will move forward now with that intent.


(*see Kishi Bashi's EP Room For Dream, well at least two songs: Conversations At the End of the World and Evalyn, Summer Has Arrived – yes in that order as time is nonlinear – well, in a universal sense. Just remember to not get sucked in a youtube wormhole or you will feel just how nonlinear it can all be.)


In the post-#BlackLivesMatter / post-#MeToo era, I hold myself accountable (ownership is very important – ownership of mistakes, ownership of responsibilities) for not trying hard enough in the past to do the right thing. I plan to consult and engage in collaboration with the people who will make statements and stories successful (more on storytelling soon). In the same instance, we cannot detract from movements and causes of change and progression. (A friend of mine will appreciate this) Bad seeds and ideas (racism, bigotry, sexual misconduct, abuse of power, conspiracy theories, misinformation, assumptions, stereotypes, etc) are spread everday and we can only hope to counter that with good seeds.


I have been guilty of applying things to a blanket statement as an anecdote to solve these problems in the past. I will hold myself accountable and hopefully continue down a trajectory to find solutions. I am just now getting started. Submit feedback if you think you have something to say that would benefit this effort.


More specificity soon.


A final note, and conclusion to the blog post today. I think there is misinformation and misunderstanding in both directions. I think we need to continue to find shared values and common ground. Charles Murray, the author of The Bell Curve (if you put your bias aside for a moment – also think about how and why we may misinterpret information – aka confirmation bias), said this evening in an interview,

“I think that a great deal of what made America special is lost beyond recall, and I don't have any good policy ideas that I am at all confident will go very far in bringing that back.”


“You know, I'm thinking there aren't that many societies around the world. In fact, we were the one in which people who happened to live in geographic proximity to each other were as capable of solving their problems and dealing with human needs in their communities as American civil society used to be.”

With no solutions at the moment,

“Some of the forces at work here are simply not reversible. I am afraid that what we're looking at is the United States as a rich country, as a powerful country - that's not going to go away - we aren't going to be America, the kind of America that the rest of the world thought was both occasionally exasperating but also awfully cool and a place that they wanted to be like or wanted to go to. I think that's going to fade."

And finally,:

“Do I think that Donald Trump represents a huge danger - both existential danger in terms of immediate disasters, but also, he's kind of the embodiment of everything that the founders told us would characterize the demise of the experiment that they set in motion.” (that is an affirmative.)


We are the solution, we who stand together, extend ourselves to communicate, and to build a new social fabric. Artists, activists, hackers, software developers, and inventors, we need to speak out and build a solution. Let us step up to these impossible challenges surrounding us.


Monday, 8th of January, 2018

Monday is all about organization - physical organization underway today.  Cleaning/clearing/purging the studio and much of the house.


Tuesday, 9th of January, 2018

I have spent a few hours the last few days making some music, strumming and arranging.  I started this tradition of making a new song at the beginning of the year.  Out of some experimentation, two divergent tracks are coming together: a song to say farewell to 2017 and another song to introduce 2018.   It may take a few more days to really piece this all together.


Sunday, 14th of January, 2018

UPDATES (realtime updates)

Update #1:
Still stuck inside with snow:


My work will be constrained to the indoors for a couple more days as a result.  However, I still need to cut wood and sand some surfaces (I can only do that outside atm).  I am migrating files / purging others as I am about to update my workstation and give it a new housing.  Working on more images offline and online.  

Update #2:
Working on photographing objects as things are all set up for photogrammetry experiments.  I should have them posted tomorrow.  The coming week is going to be really packed and busy.  I have a few objects to model with photogrammetry methods.  I have lots of things coming together and converging.  Battling the future/past to stay present and remain focused, my work for a couple of undisclosed shows is coming together.  Most of my work is being done offline (more than I expected) and I am updating and adding to the page in retrospect.

I am planning to build two different 3D scanners, both of which I am waiting on a few pieces of hardware.  


This is the blueprint for the layout of the first 3D scanner, with the camera, laser, and stepper motor in their respective places.  This scanner is based on the FabScan Project (FabScan 100 to be exact) with some upgrades and the ability to scan larger objects - a larger rotation plate and larger housing.  I have had to piece this together from other modifications other users and makers have made to their scanner builds.   This scanner will be brought to life by an Arduino Uno R3 controller board (obviously not pictured).  I have run a few tests, but nothing is soldered together.  I'm still waiting to cut wood and have a few pieces made by a 3D printer (that I have coming in the mail next week =D)

Some resources: 

The FabScan Project -

Thingiverse - - do a search for 3D Scanners

The second 3D scanner will probably be constructed sometime after this residency.

This scanner will have 4 lasers and a dual camera (kinect motion cam - I am waiting on 2 kinect cams - one for this scanner and another for photogrammetry experimentation).  Actually, much more simple, with fewer components, this scanner will be portable and possibly produce better scans.  We'll see.  Photogrammetry may produce the best scans, but all will be revealed over time.

I am not just cutting wood for the 3D scanner housing.  I also have new paintings planned (cutting down several small pieces to go with the other larger panels I have ready to start.  There is a wood shelf (it will rest on coasters or wheels, not sure) to use as storage for hard drives and as a stand for my desktops (I have a small form factor computer for lighter production and writing).

More soon


view from tha studio

my usual studio view

i look up at these often

top view

side view


lol - I spend  too much time in software

most components for scanner #2

small nano controller board for scanner #2

to LCD or not to LCD, that is the question

(for scanner #1, organizing the images just turned out this way...)

Monday, 22nd of January, 2018


The snow has melted:                                                                         there are components scattered all over my studio:


I have a 3D printer printing away:                                                             my computer keeps crashing:


I'm having issues with photogrammetry tests as a result (so far):

The next objects to shoot:













I have much to do now, I only scrapped the surface with these virtual updates.  I will certainly be busy with my practice this year.  This is my last day as a resident, but I will be updating this page (or continuing the progress on a separate page.  If you feel like following my progress you can add me on instagram, or tumblr.  I will have my official site back up and running soon.


The resulting show of some of the things I started here will be at MoHA in ATX on Feb 4th, 2018.


Thanks WTMHP staff / Rachels,


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