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When I began this piece, I wanted to explain the lack of love within religion. Specifically talking from my experience and the majority population of the world, that falls under Christianity. 

After realizing how many pages the bible has and going to scratch out every word that isn't "Love" I felt I had met my match. Before the thought of quitting set in, I found the process of scratching, drawing, and just writing in the bible brought back nostalgia. When I say this, I recall a little girl growing up as Preacher's kid. I was forced to attend church but the only thing that kept me up was doodling. We were told not to do it in the bible but on our tithes and offerings. After reliving this moment, it became more freeing and organic to me, than the original plan. My experience felt powerful in the way I am breaking up with the religion completely, after contemplating the idea of going to hell, I finally grew a pair and became free. I am who I am, I love being me. This piece is called to have an open dialogue around Christianity and its purpose? Is it to spread love or spread the lack of freedom? Is there an understanding of duality? In terms of understanding just as we have good parts, we do have bad parts that give us a sense of balance. As humans, that balance is what creates us based on our own free will. It's the energy that gives us the ability to express, think, feel, and ultimately love ourselves and others. Understanding people make mistakes and it is up to us to forgive ourselves not just dictate whos wrong or right or judge.

"Bible Study"

Welcome to Sunday Service, get out your bibles. Lets begin this service off right, by simply telling the truth.

Overly this piece was made to question your own fate and understanding of what you believe and what you allow within your own practice. Not just based on your own belief but what you are receiving from the media as well. I also give slight notions on how specifically black American churches are run and what our understanding of God or savior means to this particular community. I am no longer Christian and I question my own spiritual growth not just on my belief but as a human being.  More importantly, what does it mean to be human?

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