Elexus Pettigrew(E)


Elexus Pettigrew is an African American artist who uses video and photos to

speak about our relationship with media consumption. Her focus of work plays

on being a product of your environment and how media consumption and

programming make us who we are today. In her work, she uses stacked videos

that show a representation of black stereotypes, and relationships we build

through biased media. In addition, a mediated communication of conversation

can be followed along with each piece. I am creating a deeper dialogue that’s


“I’m investigating perception and calling out outdated ideas we see in our

everyday lives from news outlets, cartoons, reality shows, etc. I feel my art is

beginning to have these conversations and allow people to take a setback and

self-reflect upon themselves to better understand how they are perceiving the

world or life in general. Is it through the eyes of the media or is it within our

higher self or consciousness that we are viewing and experiencing life? Which state

of mind are you in?




"Home Series"