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There's no coincidence that you're hanging around in this field. Take a breath and count the birds around you, listen to the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees and feel the warmth of the sun light up your skin.


Wondering when you will get a better job, one that not only gives you security but also care? The jobs of the future are already here. Producing is no longer necessary, there's plenty of everything.


Do you feel you're too sensitive to lock yourself away in an office for eight hours a day? Good news, you don't have to wait any longer to fulfill your life's dream. The new vacancies allow you to contemplate the poetry of nature. Find your ideal job in this newsletter.



Your legs can't stay still. They know you because you're here now and a second later you're feet away. You are always looking for new landscapes.


 ✹We want you on our team✹


Your job is easy, travel and document the different paths to get from one side to the other.


Which ones are the most inspiring, joyful, nostalgic, terrifying, sad or melancholic? That's what we want to know. Work outdoors and with great benefits. Apply!

♥ WE PAY TO  ♥ 


It is well known that plants need not only our care but also our fond feelings.
Spoiler Alert: This will be your best job ever✽
Imagine how many plants would we have been saved, if scientists could have warned us earlier about this powerful affective device.
It's never too late, and today is your chance to become a true plant lover. We're waiting for you!


⸙ Responsibilities ⸙

Feel all the plants in the parks we assign you: touch the succulents, smell the aromatics, contemplate the flowers, listen to the chirping trees, taste the fruits. Use your senses to connect with them.

Be sure to record in a database the number of times plants respond to the stimulus you provide, and all other data related to the event: type of plant, age, phase, weather, color of your clothing, intensity of the stimulus, etc. Every sense is important to save the plant kingdom.

Publicidad 1-min.png



Do you wonder how many words the wind carries? You know well that it is not fantasy, the wind whispers messages as it passes. Messages of today and others that circulate through space since millenary times.

Recent advances have confirmed what we already knew by intuition. Other animals, plants, insects and even microbes have complex languages, and their messages are carried on the wind, just like human words.

〰If you are attentive to them, you can even hear them〰

We are looking for people with good listening skills:

Publicidad 2-min.png

Patience, empathy, compassion and non-judgmental. To help us collect messages of all kinds and from all senders that circulate in the wind in order to better understand the dialogues that remain outside the hegemonic spectrum.

♪♫ MUSIC ♫♪


Your fingers snap, your legs mark time, your shoulders sway. You find music in any collection of sounds. It is impossible for you not to hear the melody.

𝄞Everything around you will make music𝄞

And we are looking for people like you for whom the world is made of musical notes.

Imagine dedicating yourself to what you do best: interpreting the rhythm in the movements and sounds of trees, water, wind, sunbeams, clouds, animals, birds and all living things.

How does this rhythm and melody affect the rest of the elements around you? With us you will find out and, best of all, we will pay you! Working is not boring anymore. We are waiting for you!



The times of counting numbers to add up the value of material goods are over. Now we count intangible things because we learned that nothing belongs to us.

✧Join us in this mission to discover the value of infinity✧

Collectively we will count stars at night until eternity. The success of our work is to reach no end. Join our community. Our parties include creating new constellations.


A dancer without purpose is one who ignites sparks with any element at their disposal: water and stones?


Are you a magician of emotions and know that by nurturing and combining them in the right proportions you can create any bonfire?, then you are one of us. Send us your application. Add your light to the fire that makes us dance around it.



It is well known that birds are the messengers of the worlds beyond. This is your chance to make your debut, accessing new knowledge for humanity and the whole world.


Test your decoding skills to make unparalleled contributions in the area of mythology, religion and cosmology.

☀︎Staff chosen by divine intervention☀︎

Your job is to collect in detail the sounds of the bird species studied and their characteristics such as: high or low tones used, intensity, repetition, throat clearing, emotions, key sounds. Insurance included and paid training. Confidentiality will be required. We are waiting for your signal.



☀︎To create warmth, all emotions are welcome☀︎



If you are extra sensitive and everything irritates you, cheers you up, makes you cry or shocks you in some way, this is your place. We dance until we please and it always pleases us!

Publicidad 3-min.png


We understand that all measurements are a matter of scale. We dare to debate the meaning of big and small, wide and narrow, deep and flat. We know that micro can always be more micro.

The magnifying glass is our reliable tool and we also know how to observe through telescopes.

❉We look at the world from all dimensions❉

Work for us and you will move between all multiverses. How do creatures mutate from one reality to another, how do we frame reality to find the most sublime beings? Help us find out. You don't need experience. We will be pleased to take you on an interdimensional journey!

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